Sip, Savor, Repeat: My love affair with Tea

Published on 10 January 2024 at 12:56

Before i start to pen this emotional note on my love for tea let me make it clear that i am not here today to explore or address the dichotomy of good and bad in tea consumption but this is truly expressing my love for this concoction.

For tea lovers like me, a cup of tea is more than a beverage. It's a companion in the journey of daily life, a ritual, a moment of serenity and a symphony of flavors signifying warmth, comfort, mindfulness and a pause in the midst of life's hustle.

It's a genuine feeling for all tea lovers like me that sometimes all we need is a cup of tea, a CUP OF PEACE. 

For many tea lovers, tea is an emotion, a comforting and soothing experience that connects us with memories, traditions and moments of solace. It's a warm hug in a cup, companion during quite moments and a flavorful journey that adds richness to daily experiences.

It is hard to describe in words what that first cup of tea in the morning means to me - It is more than a routine, it's a deal breaker that sets the tone for the day, and I mean it. It's an undeniable agreement with myself that no matter what lies ahead, this moment belongs to me and my beloved cup of tea.

The first cup of tea in the morning is like a gentle awakening for senses, a comforting ritual that signals the start of a new exciting day and that first sip setting a positive tone for what lies ahead is a feeling beyond words.

It is now very evident that I am 'give me tea and nobody gets hurt' kind of a person and i have no regrets to say that i am a proud tea addict especially because adulting is hard, everyone deserves a break, and this beverage is the companion in momentarily escaping from life's demands.

To those who haven't discovered the joy in tea, it's perfectly okay. Tastes vary and preferences differ but it's definitely worth exploring the realm of tastes that tea brings which adds a unique dimension to your daily routine.

Closing note - Life is short, sip the moments with a cup of tea :-)

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