Unveiling the Influence - Evolving Landscape of Content Creators - Good or Bad?

Published on 5 January 2024 at 14:54

Activate and motivate your followers, don't just collect them like stamps!

For all the content creators out there - Have we ever stopped, taken a pause and looked back to see what kind of content are we creating for our followers? Is there anything in that content that will inspire, motivate, encourage them to bring positivity in their lives? If the answer is NO, then there is a serious problem.

Reality check - If you have to tell people on your social media profiles that you are an "influencer", you are probably not. It is your followers who have to firmly believe that you and your content truly is a strong motivation for them in their lives and influence them in a positive way. The sad reality is that these content creators fail to share positive messages, personal growth stories or helpful advice failing to understand that they could be a source to create a positive impact on their audience.

Also, in addition to creating content that adds no value, the space of content creation also created an ecosystem on social media for promoting products and brands for their own financial gain, undermining authenticity and making it tough to understand what is real and what's not.

Are these content creators only ones at fault here? Maybe not. Many of us love to follow influencers for inspiration on everything from personal style, parenting, home decor etc and it is incredible to see how we develop that connection and friendship with someone we have never met. On the downside we fail to understand that this could lead to negative effects like holding unrealistic expectation for ourselves and our family, comparing ourselves with others, comparing our lives with others and eventually not being our own self and losing our own identity. 

Bottomline, it is not bad or incorrect to learn from others, but it is very important to look for people who align with your values, those who prioritize transparent and genuine communication whether it is good or bad, their credibility and authenticity and most importantly ensuring they promote positive messaging.

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